To build new classrooms and redevelop Bosko Ministries’ existing school building to accommodate an additional 150 pupils
Bosko School


Who is the funding for?

Mario Marchio’ Ministries, operating as Bosko Ministries, was established in 1983 and registered in 1985, to provide facilities for Christian and Educational purposes.

It was established in the picturesque town of Hermanus situated in the Overberg region of the Western Cape South Africa. One of the legs of this Ministry is the Bosko School.

What is the scope of the need?

The need is for the expansion of Bosko’s pre primary and primary school building to provide schooling for some, or all of the additional children currently on the waiting list. We also have a need to upgrade the current school facility and grounds to provide a safer and a better environment.

Solution to the needs.

Short Term
Building of additional classrooms, installing new ablution facilities and upgrading the existing school building and grounds.

Long Term
Building an additional facility to house a high school, which will include classrooms, science laboratories, a home economics kitchen and other facilities to enable learners to acquire basic life skills.

Funds required

Short Term
To meet the short-term requirement, an amount of Five million Rand, or Three hundred and Fifty Thousand dollars is required.

Long Term
To meet the long-term requirement a further estimated amount of between Seven hundred to nine hundred thousand dollars, or Ten to Thirteen million rand would be required.


Mario Marchio’ Ministries, operating as Bosko Ministries, was established in 1983 and registered in 1985 to provide facilities for Christian and Educational purposes.

Bosko Christian School was established in the picturesque town of Hermanus situated in the Overberg region of the Western Cape South Africa.

During the past 35 years Bosko Ministries founded and operated the following ministries;

  • Bosko Camps and Ministries – Onrus Rivier & Kleinrivier Lagoon
  • Bosko Church - Hermanus
  • Bosko Christian School - Hermanus
  • Bethabara Farm for the Homeless - Stanford
  • Bethlehem Feeding Centre - Zwelihle
  • Bethania Child Care Centre - Hawston
  • Katelyn Safe House – Hawston

Most of these ministries were aimed at previously disadvantaged communities with an emphasis on those that do not have the financial means and resources to care for themselves.

Bosko Christian School is a privately operated school, which has been in operation since 1987. The school is registered with the Department of Education to teach up to grade 7 and also provides pre-school education from 4 years of age. The current Government Curriculum is being used, which allows these learners to graduate into the Government high schools with ease.

There are a number of reasons why the school has such a good name in the community and why there is such a long waiting list.

  1. It is a privately operated school, using the Government Curriculum, which makes it easy to transfer to Government High Schools.
  2. The staff are highly professional and mission minded educators, who love their job.
  3. The School offers Home Language English with 1st additional Afrikaans. Lessons are taught in English.
  4. The learners are guided in Life Skills throughout their time at Bosko.
  5. Character development is one of the main foundations at the school.
  6. Solid life values are presented to the learners.
  7. The school fees are extremely reasonable and not out of reach for the middle class parent.
  8. The Head of the school is totally dedicated to her mission in loving and nurturing the learners and interacting with the parents.
  9. The school has been operating at this facility in Hermanus for the past 32 years, adapting as needed, and it is the longest standing independent school in the community.


There are currently two short-term areas of need.

  1. The current building was designed with an open structure to facilitate future growth, but has reached its capacity a few years ago. Currently there are +- 190 learners accommodated at the school. For the past 3 years there has been a waiting list for over 200 children seeking enrolment into the school.
  2. The existing school building is now 27 years old and is in desperate need of upgrading and refurbishing. There is a dire need for the playgrounds to be improved, the parking to be upgraded and the property better fenced for security reasons.

There is also a long-term need.

  1. There is a need for an additional building to be built to expand our school to a much-needed high school. At present we have only two public high schools in this area and the result is that many of our learners cannot continue their schooling in their hometown and have to be bussed out to other neighboring towns

As the situation throughout South Africa’s larger cities has deteriorated many people have moved to the quieter smaller towns specifically in the Western Cape and Hermanus has seen prolific growth in the past few years as a result.

The Overberg has grown from 35 000 people to nearly 80 000 people in the last 10 years and despite the fact that many private schools have opened as well as the public schools have grown, the figures above clearly indicate the dire need for additional schooling, particularly for the lower income groups. Bosko Christian School is the oldest established independent school in the area. Our mandate is to offer private tuition at the lowest cost to middle income families, mainly from our African community.

Currently, because of this shortage of schools in the area for these income groups that are not catered for in the upper market private schools, these children and desperate parents sometimes cannot find an alternative for their desired schooling, resulting in these children not getting the education they are entitled to. Children forced to apply outside the Hermanus area are oftentimes left in the care of elderly grandparents and other siblings when the learner is placed at a school and that creates other socio economic problems for these families.

By enabling us to expand and upgrade the present limited school facilities, we will be able to create the opportunity for more learners to attend our school and in so doing remain in their resident town with their families. They will be able to receive quality education at an affordable fee, in a spacious, secure and modern environment that they can be proud of and in so doing, the school will be empowered to impact more lives with solid, positive futures.


The goals and objectives are to raise funding for 3 possible scenarios depending on the availability of funding.

The first two are the main objectives of this proposal, but should we however be able to raise further funding, more can be done to alleviate this situation.

  • Goal 1
    Expand the existing building - as per plans - to accommodate new classrooms and the connecting stairwell and passage to the existing school.
  • Goal 2
    Upgrade the existing school building to better utilise the current space and install new ablution and kitchen facilities. Replace the old asbestos roof. Improve the playgrounds/parking grounds and secure the property with fencing.
  • Goal 3
    Build an additional facility to accommodate a future high school.

The first two goals will provide classrooms to accommodate an additional ±150 learners and update the existing facility and grounds to a more acceptable situation.

Goal three would provide a facility for a much needed high school in the future.


There are two identified areas in the first proposed phase of the requirement.

The solution to the problem is to build an extra floor on top of the administration building and joining it to the existing double story school building with a passage. Plans for this have been cleared with the local authorities and an engineer, after checking the quality of the foundations and suggesting the type of building material to be used.

Subsequently enough funds were raised in Europe by the CEO of MMMinistries to have the plans of the proposed addition drawn up by a professional architect, which have been done and have been approved by the local municipality.

An estimated cost of three million rand was determined for the completion of the building, which we, as a NPO, would not be able to fund solely by our usual fundraising endeavors. An extra two million rand is estimated for upgrading the existing school facility and grounds.

This funding needs to be secured before starting on this project as we are totally debt-free and need to remain this way for our future generations. We are hoping to be able to have the necessary finances so building can start in the near future.

New Building
The seven classrooms which will be erected on top of the existing administration building will be of lightweight aluminium and steel and will be connected to the existing school building with an overhead passage and staircase leading downstairs.

Existing Building
A new ablution facility and kitchen will be installed in the existing school building and this facility will be upgraded with new flooring and the restructuring of the classroom layouts including various other necessities, such as classroom furniture and equipment. The asbestos roof will be removed and replaced with Chromadeck material and the building repainted. The property will be better fenced and secured with electronic gates. The playgrounds and parking area will also be upgraded.

Additional New Building
This facility which still needs to be planned, would have to accommodate everything needed for a high school education.

Proposed Timetable

Description of Work Start and End Dates
Phase One Remove the existing roof of the admin building and lay the slab for the first floor. Three months from receipt of the required funding.
Phase Two Build the classrooms and passage linking into the existing building. Three months on completion of phase one.
Phase Three Build additional ablution facilities and restructure the classroom layout in the current building. One month after the completion of phase two.
Phase Four Pave parking area and secure the property. One month after completion of phase three.
Phase Five Build High School. To be finalised.


Description of Work Anticipated costs
Phase One Remove the existing roof of the admin building and lay the slab for the first floor One million Rand
Phase Two Build the classrooms and passage linking into the existing building Two million Rand
Phase Three Build additional ablution facilities and restructure the classroom layout in the current building. One million, Five hundred thousand Rand
Phase Four Pave parking area and secure the property Five hundred thousand Rand
Phase Five This would be a larger building including basement for parking and two floors of classrooms with science labs etc

On securing the commitment to provide the funding updates costing will be finalised and a full budget and costing with project management proposal will be submitted for final scrutiny to the funder.


The project will be overseen by I Goosen, architect and project manager.

Futurecon Light Steel Construction is the company we would approach for the building of the new structure.

The Team at Bosko will consist of M Marchio’ and C Marchio’ – directors of MMMinistries and M van Niekerk – principal of Bosko Christian School.


An initial deposit will be submitted to the building company to commence building and additional draws will be released as agreed completion of certain milestones are reached.

Upon completion and final certification the remaining funds will be released.



  1. Upon interested parties being identified, discussions with MMMinistries can be arranged. Any additional videos etc regarding the project can be arranged and submitted for approval and clarity of the project.
  2. After initial discussion between interested parties and the management of MMMinistries the funder submits their required documentation to be filled in according to their requirements including costing and all the finer details of the project.
  3. Upon acceptance of these documents funders are welcome to travel to SA and meet the management team and all concerned parties as well as visit the existing school and access the project in person.


Please see attached plans


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